By personal harmony I mean the integration, the perfect cooperation of mind, body and spirit. But when I talk about them like this, as separate entities, am I not suggesting that they actually work independently of each other? Of course, you know and I know that they do not work for themselves but they work as a whole. If I hear some joyful news, I feel that joy in my body, I know it in my mind, and that expands my spirit. All these things happen; they are, all together, my response, my involvement in what is happening to me. It is not that my body is telling my mind something, or that my mind is communicating something to me through body language. I am a whole person and I respond wholly.
{John Main, OSB}

A ideia de que ser santo (holly) é ser inteiro (whole) é espectacular.
Concretizá-lo é o desafio impossível mas não tenho dúvidas de que vale a pena tentar!

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